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Religare - The Deal of the Decade: The recent offer of INR 2,116 Crores ($254 Million) for a 26% stake in REL, can potentially become the "deal of the decade" if specific AltG recommendations (listed below) are put into action. Read our detailed analysis here: Why Are The Burman’s Bidding $250 Million For Dabur - Religare Deal?

Here's a breakdown of AltG's key recommendations to unlock significant value:

Future Value Creation Levers: To unlock maximum returns, consider focusing on four key value creation levers:
Spinning off non-core businesses to reduce conglomerate discount and concentrate on growing the primary business, especially Health Insurance.
Implementing technological and operational enhancements to lower operating expenses in the insurance business and compete effectively in the market.
Allocating capital into high-growth adjacent businesses, such as Insurance TPA businesses.
Exploring asset recycling strategies by leveraging re-insurers to pursue

Can Trident become a multibagger stock in 2 years?

To become a multi-bagger at least one of the conditions (listed conditions not exhaustive) should be satisfied:

1/ The stock is trading at a very cheap valuation.

2/ A lot of growth can happen with good ROIC.

We see that neither of the conditions appears to be met. The stock is expensive and the returns are abysmal.

Using the Simple Valuation tool at MarginValue, I have calculated the fair value of Trident, the margin of safety, and the probability that the stock will trade above the valuation given under the margin of safety. You can attempt your own valuation.

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If one would have invested Rs 10,000 in Reliance Industries shares IPO in 1995, what would be the return today?

Reliance came with IPO in 1977 with a face value of Rs 10. So, one would have got 1000 shares.

Total share after all Bonuses (1983,1997,2009,2017) = 12800

The current price of RIL is 1911.70.

Total Profit- 12800*1901.70= 2,43,41,760 exclusive of all dividends paid by the Company.

Question: What are some undervalued stocks as of October 2020?

A stock whose current price is Rs.180, and its estimated intrinsic value is said Rs.200, such stock is said to be trading @20% undervaluation.

For profitable investing in the stock market, it is important for investors to buy undervalued stocks and sell them when price nears overvaluation. This is called value investing. But unfortunately many do not know the utility of value investing.

A common man practicing value investing can be far more rewarding than day trading (in terms of risk of loss involved). Hence it will be interesting to know more about undervalued stocks.

Question: What is the difference between the stock and the stock exchange?

Stock is the price of shares held by any individual in any specific listed company on the stock exchange. The is considered no of shares when you buy in quantity and the face value of the share is the value of shares you hold. The shares can be with premium or with discount depends on the company's valuation and other parameters.

The stock exchange is the platform where all listed companies registered with stock exchanges can be listed and the base on market capitalization the day to day value of shares get exchanged or traded on the stock exchange, India has BSE and NSE are the biggest stock exchanges govern and ruled by SEBI as controlling authority for exchanges. The strength and market cap of any company is decided by buying orders and selling orders that are the volume in a particular stock. The stock of all companies are now in dematerialized form and hold by depositary participants like NSDL and CDSL.

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