I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be sharing educational articles about #trading for beginners! As somebody who is passionate about the world of finance and investing, it fills me with excitement to provide valuable knowledge and insight for those who are just starting their trading journey. In these articles, I will cover all the trading basics - from understanding different financial markets to learning how to read charts and indicators effectively. Whether you have prior knowledge or are completely new to this field, my goal is to break down complex concepts into easily digestible information that will empower you to make informed decisions in your trades. By following me, you can expect a comprehensive guide on strategies, risk management, and even some tips on maintaining a healthy mindset during market fluctuations. Get ready for an exciting adventure into the realm of trading - we're about to embark on a transformative learning experience together!

Stock Market will stabilize before budget, a big rally coming in April-May 2022.

Can you share your portfolio of stocks, if you are a long term investor?

I invested around 15 lakh in March-April and has made around 7 lakh in profit in June 2020. If the 7 lakh vanishes in the next 5–6 months, I will not worry as I am a long-term investor. The goal is to sell my holdings (partially) after 10–15 years.

I always believe in the strategy: BUY RIGHT, SIT TIGHT. I have been around the stock market since I was 15 years old and started dabbling in markets with my father. I don't know every detail about the stock market, but I know enough to make money in the long term. My father had never made money in trading, in fact, he lost all the money he made in equity due to trading stocks.

Although, many believe trading is profitable and it might be, but if you're starting, NEVER TRADE. Start with understanding the markets and start investing slowly. You might think 1,000 rs is a small number to start but believe me, if you start investing now and increase the amount you invest monthly you will get RICH in 20 years.

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If one would have invested Rs 10,000 in Reliance Industries shares IPO in 1995, what would be the return today?

Reliance came with IPO in 1977 with a face value of Rs 10. So, one would have got 1000 shares.

Total share after all Bonuses (1983,1997,2009,2017) = 12800

The current price of RIL is 1911.70.

Total Profit- 12800*1901.70= 2,43,41,760 exclusive of all dividends paid by the Company.

Question: Which is a better share for the long term in India, RIL, or Tata Steel?

Both RIL & Tata steel has good management & strong business.

RIL - is having more revenue drivers like Jio, Retail, etc. Now they have collected huge money from many institutions & other strategic partners and become debt-free.

The current valuation is a bit high but considering long-term potential, it is OK to start accumulate it in small portions.

Tatasteel - Age-old proven business in metal and subject to cyclical in nature. If you just see the chart, it has not delivered great returns to investors.

See the last 5 yr data: RIL appreciated about 381% & Tata steel is about 63% only.

I am planning to buy 10,000 Yes Bank shares at 13.5. What are the chances of it reaching 135 in the next ten years?

Why do you want to invest in such stock? These stocks are very risky, and the past scam in YES Bank doesn't instill any confidence. Although the current management is brilliant but waits till the balance sheet is more attractive.

It's better to invest in other stock which may give you more than 20 times return in long run. This stock only has only a limited potential.

Avoid Yes Bank and don't think it's cheap.

Most of the time cheap stock isn't really cheap and this is one of the main reasons why retail investors lose their money in the stock market.

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Is it too late to buy RIL shares, or will it fall again to 1k lows?

Not it’s not late, I think the stock would go 5,000 in the next 10 years. So if you share the vision of the reliance industries then you could start investing monthly and if it’s fall then invest more so that your average price would come down.

Reasons, what one should invest in RIL? Well, there are so many but essentially Jio is going to be the next big thing and right now there is no separate listing of Jio. So, even if Jio is listed separately in the next 3–4 years, Reliance stock would rally.


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